Impermanence Soulfire Yoga


August 24, 2020

The epic storms of last month showed me the power of natures teaching that all things are impermanent. Overnight we can awaken to a completely different landscape than the day […]

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Take a moment, close your eyes, still your mind and listen. Maybe you will hear your formless teacher also speaking to you.

The Formless Teacher

June 16, 2020

The late great yogi Ram Dass, wrote in BE HERE NOW, “when you know how to listen everybody is the guru”. Tweaking that piece of wisdom. I would add “everything” […]

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Raise Your Vibration - Start your personal practice.

Raise Your Vibration

March 1, 2020

Can you sense the stirring of Spring?? I sure can. The equinox will be on March 19. And we spring ahead an hour for daylight savings on March 8th. There’s […]

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Tending the Fire - Start your personal practice.

Tending the Fire

February 6, 2020

I recently taught a short fiery series centered on Tapas, one of the five personal observances (Niyama) according to the Yoga Sutras, that help us along the yogic path. Tapas […]

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Bloom Where You Are

Bloom Where You Are

January 17, 2020

In the high desert where I live rain is a welcome blessing. On a day when it had rained almost constantly throughout the day before, I took my usual morning […]

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